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Our tropical forest are home to millions of plant and animal species. Trees provide us with many of the things that we probably take for granted such as furniture, books, material construction, fuel however the most important function perfomed by trees and forest are ecological. The status of one of the forest's most visible resources are "the trees".

We can ensure our future and the future of many species by collecting and harvesting seeds at the appropriate maturing time. Seed banking and conservation are better means to work under ideal conditions if seeds are fresh and how trees can be planted to restore scorched area. We help to improve the environment with trees and forest species, thus creating environment restoration. Get to know our proposed exotic forest trees and support local planting. Start to plant your own trees !

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A shrub that like to climb and frequently low with small divided for almost half their length ( twin lobed) with large flowers. Seeds germination is easy and resistant to drought or even poor soil. The tree is extremely beautiful in full bloom. Excellent for landscape.


It is rather a spreading bush or a small tree with flaking in vertical strip on the bark. The leaves are lobed and are wide used as a remedy for common cold, they are boiled and the steam are inhaled. Excellent for landscape.


Wood is utilised in carpentry, boat and essential oil and also in cosmetic products, soap.


This shrub or small tree is also known as peanut cassia and easily recognised by the pairs of leaflets and the thin textured green of leaves and also long cylindric pod that remains often hanging on the tree for months. Seeds germinates easily and is a good subject for gardens.